Welcome to Schakal Technology e.U.

Founded in 2010, Schakal Technology e.U. focuses on the development of innovative software based on DNS technology. Since we are applying this technology, our products reflect our commitment to using standardized technologies in innovative ways. Your infrastructure deserves the best available, state-of-the-art technology.

Our products are tailor-made to suit your needs whether you provide your services internally (in-house IT) or externally (e.g. hosting provider). In addition to our solutions we provide extensive consulting services. Our sales team is ready to assist you in carrying out your projects.

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In order to provide you with the best performance for your applications, we deliver our products with our integrated hardware appliance. Larger appliances are offered on a per-project basis. Read more...


With our new approach to virtualization we make sure to save resources and licensing costs for our customers and allow them to apply high-availability and load-balancing patterns on their business-critical applications. Read more...
product spotlight

Schakal DNS

Our highly scalable DNS-Server. We included a fancy replication technique!

Schakal MAE

Our Application Cloud Platform. Highly Efficient, Highly Available, Stable and Secure!